8 ways to retain talent

To avoid the case of "brain drain", the manager can refer to some of the following measures:

1. Building workspace and company culture

Investing in a beautiful, modern office, the company can provide employees with benefits in quality of work and life, productivity, employee engagement with the company, and most importantly is to increase the attractiveness of the employer brand with the candidate.

Office is the "cultural voice" of an enterprise. The way of office decoration and design demonstrates the value of the organization.

Working in a beautiful office is also the pride of all employees, making the office an attractive element of the employer brand. The benefits from a flawless office are a clear affirmation of employees' care and investment in quality of life.


2. Make sure the staff is completely suited to the job

This requires consideration of your employees' passions, qualifications, skills, experience, motivation and growth aspirations. Just focusing on the match between their skills and the job isn't enough.

For example, you may find an employee's qualifications seem relevant to the company's new area of activity, but if he is not interested in that type of work, you will have a negative impact on the whole company. ty and that person. He has no motivation to do the job best and can leave because he feels pressured and the company will not make the most of the talent of his employees.


3. Emphasize the importance of the employee to the company

Employees will feel attached to the company if they feel they can contribute to the company's growth. Therefore, talk to the employee about his / her importance and compatibility in the department / company's long-term strategic plan.

4. Create compelling challenges

Being too fond of or "pampering" employees with simple tasks can make them feel boring and at the same time, they will lose their creativity, interest and motivation at work. You should provide them with compelling challenges such as a project in a new area they are interested in or a shorter task deadline.

5. Recognize and deserve reward

Employee loyalty is not entirely determined by money. Sometimes, they need an office / company encouragement or compliment rather than a bonus envelope. Find the most preferred ways of committing and motivating employees so that they feel respected and want to stay with the company.

6. Build and nurture good relationships with employees

Having a positive relationship with your employees both at work and in private life is an important factor in conquering their trust and long-term commitment. So, outside of work, please care about and share with your excellent employees about the joys and sorrows in everyday life.


7. Pay attention to work balance issue - employees' private lives

Although employees are "chicken to golden eggs" for the company, you should not take advantage of, force them to work with extreme intensity. Don't forget that everyone has a life outside of the office and employees will appreciate it if you respect that life.

8. Link employee contribution to the company with their goals

As a leader, you need to know what your employees value? What is the motivation for them to give their full potential? Get a promotion, raise salary or satisfy your personal passion ...? From there, you can connect the work they are doing with their goals, so that he / she feels that he / she will achieve their desire to stick with this environment.


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