Office is not only a workplace, but also a place to show the face and brand values of a company. Recognizing the importance of the office is considered the first step to the success of the business development process.

The importance of office to business

Not only is the place for employees to work, company offices also play an important role in building brand identity system.

I - The office creates conditions for employees to develop their abilities

No longer dry walls, the offices of large companies and corporations have truly become works of art, worthy of the dream of any employee. In such an open and extremely comfortable space, their employees are spoiled for creativity to get their job done.

In addition to its function as a workplace, the office is also seen as the second home for everyone in the company, showing that the connection between employees and the company is huge. Therefore, big companies, especially multinational companies are striving to create a friendly working environment, creating a feeling of attachment among everyone to build a united team. work together for the goals of the organization.

II - Office is the face of the business, contributing to branding

The office also plays a very important role, the face of the whole company. When customers or partners come to visit and work, the first and most impressive thing that impresses them is the company's office. In other words, the office must reflect the style and personality of the company, making an important contribution to helping customers and partners remember the company's brand.

Along with other factors: Brand name, logo, name card, website ..., office is a very important factor in an organization's brand identity system. So the design, decoration and use of office furniture must follow certain rules to create a coherent and consistent brand identity system.

At the same time, the office will show the style and personality of the business, to become a unique culture bearing the essence of that business.

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