Working space: A place to connect and retain talents

Building a "smart" office has 3 values: physical, spiritual for employees and improving corporate culture.

Many people still say the office is the second home, but in our opinion, that is the "main home". Because on average, a person has 8-10 hours of work per day, if subtracting the amount of sleep, the office people only have about 4-5 hours at home. Therefore, whether like it or not, office conditions will greatly affect the quality of work and life.

In Anphabe's "Best Workplace in Vietnam" survey, a beautiful office may not be the top factor when an employee chooses a job such as salary, bonus, growth opportunities, but it will be. is important in connecting and retaining talent for the business.

Investing in a beautiful, modern office, the company can provide employees with benefits in quality of work and life, productivity, employee engagement with the company, and most importantly is to increase the attractiveness of the employer brand in the eyes of employees and target talent. This is the reason why many companies in Vietnam pay attention to building aesthetically pleasing offices in order to create more useful values for their employees.


Effects on physical health ...


Factors such as light, air, temperature, machinery, noise and the layout of the area between departments ... will directly affect the physical health of employees. A good office that deals with the above basic issues will help keep employees healthy.

The HR managers shared a lot with me about the meaning of working environment. "Employee health is always on top priority, so we invest in the office with the right air, humidity, the entire workspace is designed with transparent glass to get the light from the sky. of course, creating a feeling of spaciousness and airy.

As a health care company, Sanofi brings to the workplace various types of vegetation and trees, creating fresh air and relieving stress. Green makes employees feel relieved, relax, keeps employees healthy, avoids common respiratory diseases, "said Ms. Huynh Thuy Mai Phuong - Human Resource Director of Sanofi Vietnam.



An important but less noticeable issue is the quality of the furniture. Sometimes people only pay attention to style, color, or are driven by price, but neglect quality. That is the cause of many common diseases for office workers such as degenerative spine, cervical vertebrae, disc herniation ...

A new trend is to design offices in a way that encourages employees to have physical activity. During the recent working trip with the Sanofi Company, I learned an interesting point: in addition to building a gym, the Company also requires staff to take the stairs if only moving within 1-2 floors.

Parallel is to arrange printers, copiers, drinking water away from the office to facilitate the movement of staff as a way of walking fitness. This also creates the necessary rest during stressful working hours.


... and mental health


A person's mood is greatly influenced by what he sees. In the morning, entering the corporate reception area with light and bright colors will create a feeling of inspiration for employees to start the working day. The office is always tidy and airy to help avoid fatigue and dullness throughout the day.

Many people still complain to me about the workspace with so much noise that they can't concentrate. So I think building a beautiful office is good, but knowing how to manage noise in the office will be more effective.

To do so, check whether the soundproofing system, aisle design, division of areas for each department, layout of machines and equipment are reasonable, so that everyone is not influenced by side effects. out.

Balance between work and life is very important, so building suitable relaxation spaces for employees to rest or play is also a new trend. It is no coincidence that Google provides employees with chairs to sleep in the office.

During my recent visit to Philip Morris Vietnam Company's office, I was surprised to find that they had a lovely room for kids right at the company.

Ms. Vo Thi Kim Loan - Organizational Development Director of Philip Morris Ho Chi Minh City branch shared that although there are not many employees, the company also invests in entertainment for their children to create peace of mind as well as spirit. Excited by helping them both work effectively and take care of their children.


Improving corporate culture


Office is the "cultural voice" of an enterprise. The way the office is decorated and designed to demonstrate the value of the organization. For example, in an office where the boss sits very far away from the employee, the boss's room is very luxurious while the employees are crowded in narrow areas, it cannot be said that the business has a fair manners.

Therefore, in the last office renovation of Prudential Vietnam Company, the CEO of this company decided to choose a seat to work with the staff. With an open space, undistracted boss and staff spoke openness, respect and dynamism.

Working in a beautiful office is also the pride of all employees, making the office an attractive element of the employer brand. The benefits from a flawless office are a clear affirmation of employees' care and investment in quality of life.



Ms. Nguyen Tam Trang - Vice President of Human Resources Unilever Vietnam said that this is still maintained annually by Unilever Vietnam through many activities such as launching office decoration contests, organizing chapters office visits or promoting the image through media channels ...

Building a "smart" office towards 3 physical and spiritual values for employees and improving corporate culture. Employee investment is never wasted, as British Prime Minister Churchill said: "We shape our buildings and then they shape our future."

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